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Xu Xi at the Fringe Club



Philip Hensher at the Fringe Club

Myself on Firelight of a Different Colour at the Key Club



Pride Lit, at the Fringe, with:

Evan Fallenberg, Andrew Lam, Marshall Moore and Nicholas Wong


The Dharma Expedient, at the Hong Kong Yacht Club, with:

Neville Sarony



Yam Sing at Gitone, Sai Wan Ho, with:

Simon Wu


Writer in the Opium Den, at Mariners' Rest, Hullett House, with:

Jeet Thayil and Kunal Basu




Map of the Invisible World, at Classified, Wan Chai, with:

Tash Aw




A Case of Exploding Mangoes, at the Fringe Theatre, with:

Mohammed Hanif


China Cuckoo, at the Fringe Theatre, with:

Mark Kitto


The Inheritors, at the China Club, with:

Neel Chowdhury




Lunch at M at the Fringe, with:

Patrick Gale and Marina Lewycka


Death of a Monk, at the Fringe Theatre, with:

Alon Hilu


Labels: Gay Literature, at the Fringe Studio, with:

Alan Hilu, Peter Moss and Ng Yi-Sheng 


Gay Writing in Hong Kong, at the Fringe Studio, with:

Victor Chau, Reggie Ho, Peter Moss, Ng Yi-Sheng and Nicholas Wong



The Craft of Writing: Getting Started in Hong Kong at the Fringe Club, with:

Lynne O'Donnell and Peter Moss


War Stories, at the Crown Wine Cellars, with:

Jason Wordie, Tony Banham and Peter Neville




When Truth is Stranger than Fiction, at the Fringe Theatre, with:

Mike Dash and Tom Standage


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