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A Grammar, Phrase Book and Vocabulary of Baluchi

The official book of instruction in the Baluchi language written for the Sultan of Oman's Land Forces in 1983 with the help of a team of Baluch soldiers from the Western Frontier Regiment.


With a forward by the distinguished expert in the languages of Afghanistan and Pakistan, Professor Josef Elfenbein of Cambridge University, the 178 pages of text include a basic grammar of Baluchi as spoken in the Omani forces, based upon the Kechi dialect used in Makran, Pakistan; a phrase book to illustrate daily use of the language; and a selected vocabulary, all in Roman script.


Published in 1983, a second, improved edition was published in 1984, printed by Burgess of Abingdon.


The book was accompanied (though only in Oman) by 'A Course in Baluchi' in the Nastaliq script and a set of tapes recording the phrases in the book spoken by Raqib (Sergeant) Wahid Baksh Taj Mohammed Baddani Brahui and Jundy (Private) Mohammed Ali Mohammed Moosa Bajarzai Baluch, both of the Western Frontier Regiment.

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